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Diet Stress or Stressful Diet?


Without question, our enjoyment – if not our whole world – as one would say, revolves around what we eat or our decision and anticipation of what we will eat.  Yes, we all have been recipients of both the contentment and frustration our decisions have created.   Truly, haven’t we all – at one time or another – considered the rejection of Big Macs, pizza, french fries, pies, and desserts a stress in itself?  We all have been told to avoid these foods and are left wondering how to balance overwhelming cravings with good health.

Perfection is Not Needed

Actually, the thought of never eating the foods we love is the dark cloud of gloom and doom, but let’s be realistic.  Ease your mind, and understand this: It’s not what we eat occasionally in moderation that destroys, or even the opposite – nourish us, but what we eat on a regular basis.

This is Simple

We all need to find the balance within ourselves.  Does this mean that pizza and desserts are off limits?  Not at all, but your indulgences will need policing just a bit.  An easier way to stay within good boundaries  is to try the following suggestions:

  • Eat mostly a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains.
  • Add no more than three bites of the foods that carry saturated fats, sugars, dairy, animal products, and altered substances. 
  • If you want a dessert – have it, but after three bites save the rest for the end of the next meal. 

You are never deprived when you cut down; you are savoring the moment.  By learning balance, you create a permanent lifestyle change that progresses your health.  We are either a slave to our food or a master.  A master does not walk down a perfect road but learns to balance all that is in front of her.

Take a New Picture

Change your perception of what “diet” means and you’ll change your life.  This is about your journey, not your comparison to anyone who walks on the road next to you.  The joy is in your trip, in the moment, and in the decisions of each day.  Cherish your health…it enables you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

***Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox is a physician of Naturopathy and holds a PhD in Nutritional Science. Currently she owns and operates the Indianapolis wellness center Natural Rejuvenation.  For more information on the health care services provided by Dr. Hawkins-Fox, please contact her for consultation and appointments.

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  1. I love the reminder that perfection is not needed! I think when we get caught up in trying to be perfect, it not only robs our health, but it can rob all the joy out of life. This is a great reminder not to live in a place of comparison!

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