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3 Ways To Safely Cultivate Spiritual Growth

I’m sure if you’ve looked for information to help you grow spiritually, you’ve encountered more than you can possibly digest. And while there’s nothing wrong …

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7 Top Habits of Emotionally Balanced Women

Women are complex creatures. We all feel a huge range of different emotions, and, when we do, we each react in different ways. We are …

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Are You Lost In Woo Woo Land?

This is going to be a really touchy subject here. I don't want to make enemies, but I do want to make a strong point. I know what it means to get lost in "Woo Woo" land. I've been there, and I've been stuck there. The problem is that, while you are there, you don't see how far away from living in the physical world you've come. Let me clarify what I'm talking about.

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The Power Of Faith

Unhappy in my own skin for many years, I would wake up every day virtually paralyzed by my own fears. I would be tormented by the possibility that people would discover I was a fake; that I wasn’t whom I pretended to be. The persona I projected was this happy, fun-loving, care free, extremely funny girl who acted as though she had the world at her feet. But behind the happy mask that I wore for so many years was a deeply depressed and dependent soul, searching to be loved. I would drink to feel good about myself and suppress the pain, but after a while the numbing effects didn’t work. I became depressed and fearful all the time. My mask was gone.

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