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3 Ways To Safely Cultivate Spiritual Growth

I’m sure if you’ve looked for information to help you grow spiritually, you’ve encountered more than you can possibly digest. And while there’s nothing wrong with people sharing it all, we must be selective about what we invest time in and take to heart. This is because what is strong and useful advice for some may not be the best for you. In fact, some techniques and programs might do more harm than good, depending on where you are and what your focus is. Despite the plethora of spiritual and self-growth information out there, know that much of it can be good and help with getting to the next level. Just keep in mind that it’s up to you to decide what works for you based on your interests, beliefs, and place in life. Here are some tips to effectively cultivate spiritual growth.

Know What You Believe and What You Want

Spirituality can be vague or it can be complex. For this reason, when you are searching for advancement in your spiritual life, it’s important to focus on a system or activities that work for you. This means you might have to weed out some of what you read and listen to online. Getting too much information can confuse and overwhelm you. I recommend finding a solid place to start and expanding your knowledge and experience gradually.

For instance, if you already love yoga, consider learning about Ashtanga Yoga, as it provides an amazing stretching and exercise discipline alongside a cultural tradition that has lasted for some time. This practice has a beautiful and rich spiritual practice behind it that you can choose to deepen when you can.  This focus might give you some clarity, and help you make real progress in finding your peace.

Express Yourself

Expressing yourself and your beliefs is one of the best means to clarify thoughts and get in touch with your spiritual needs. Consider various modes of expression like art, music, dance, and writing. I find that when I share thoughts and beliefs with others it helps me to understand myself and where I want to go with spirituality and my mindset. It creates a solid opportunity to understand the ideas and beliefs of others. Discussing differences and continuity can be a valuable way to grow and make changes that promote life improvement.

Take It Offline

Sure, the internet is a helpful place when it comes to gathering information, but caution must be taken. If you can, try to get referrals or recommendations from people you know such as spiritual leaders you follow. I also believe that there is more value in spending alone time in prayer and meditation to seek direction and peace. Additionally, by taking a walk in nature, spending some time with our family, or just reading a book, we can find inspiration and spiritual support. We can more easily clear our minds and understand what brings peace and growth.

Spirituality is a deeply personal thing that deserves time and effort to cultivate. Treat it like any other part of your life that you deem important and crucial for health and life. After all, it’s part of who we are and plays a large role in our happiness and how we make choices. Know that if something doesn’t seem right or goes against your intuition, it is likely not for you. Take your time to understand who you are and what you need spiritually.

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