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By Jeffrie Ann Hall (Esthetician)

Here I am again with more skin care info for you! Today, I want to talk about Elastin. And no, it’s not the stuff that keeps your swimsuit snug on your hips!But it does have a similar property. Elastin has ‘snap back’ to it, like your swimsuit, or like a rubber band.  Elastin keeps the skin tight and flexible. If there is enough elastin in your skin it will retain and return to it’s shape after being pulled or stretched.

As we age, it depletes. Just like our friend collagen; also like collagen, it’s a protein. Elastin comes from those same fibroblasts that collagen does. Actually, fibroblasts do a lot of things for our bodies, but our concern here is Skin Care and Anti-Aging.

Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients!

OK~ so how do we maintain the elastin in our skin as we age? There are Anti-Aging products that have elastin listed as an ingredient. They won’t work. Elastin as an ingredient in a product is just another form of moisture, like the the collagen some products list. It can not penetrate the skin. We need those cell communicating ingredients again. Something structured on the molecular level to get into the skin and have a chat with our fibroblasts.

“There are Anti-Aging products that have elastin listed as an ingredient. They won’t work.”

Cutting Edge Research

I know of only one thing that can do that. It is a product designed by biochemist, Dr. Chantal Burnison. The idea was to create an ingredient that would simulate the process of elastin production. It took 19 years and more than $20 million to research this, as well as prove it’s safety and efficacy.

The ingredient is called Ethocyn. Ethocyn is a competitive inhibitor, that means it prevents something from occurring. We have androgens (a ‘signal’ molecule) in our systems. When certain androgens enter our skin cells they will convert to DHT and attach, or bind, to the DHT receptor causing the production of elastin to slow or stop.

Is It the Fountain of Youth?

When Ethocyn is applied to the face it blocks DHT from binding with the DHT receptor in your skin cell’s fibroblasts, which means it allows your skin to continue producing elastin. It allows the fibroblasts to restore the elastin levels in your skin. The ‘snap back’ quality of younger, smoother more flexible skin is regained. Research suggests that 99% of people who use this product will restore the elasticity to the same levels of a 20 year old. Crazy, right? But true. Are you going to look 20 if you are 45? Of course not, but you will have amazing skin that will defy the years.

So, where do you find Ethocyn? Not easy. You can’t go to Macy’s for it. One company has the exclusive rights to use it as an ingredient in their own product. It’s part of my Anti-Aging Secret.

Until next time, take it easy, be good to yourself!  As for me, I’m off to give myself an Anti-Aging treatment!

About the Author

Jeffrie Ann Hall has been a practicing Esthetician for over 12 years and is passionate about teaching women how to optimize their beauty and health through knowledge and quality products and services.  She also teaches Pilates in the New England area. 

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