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Embody The Love…

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Love is…

Adulation, affection, devotion, emotion, infatuation, relish, worship… there are lots of words that are synonymous for love, but nothing can replace LOVE. It means so much, can be so much, and yet, it can be as simple as loving the colour orange.

But what about embracing LOVE as a whole concept, about being LOVE? It’s about taking the energy of LOVE and emitting it throughout your day, sharing it, releasing it, circulating it and regenerating it.

What does all that mean?

We have family, friends and lovers that we love and they love us back, we have animals in our lives that we love, we have places, we have colours, foods, drinks, textures, smells; you name it, we can love it. We can take that love a step further. You see, not everyone has someone right now, or some place or some pet that they have to love, or to love them back. Yet the world has enough love to go around. So what happens when we send out and share love we have ourselves; we re-energise our own love and our own lives.

How do we do this?

We can smile at someone we don’t know as we pass fleetingly, we can empathise and help out someone who is struggling with something physical or mental, we can add kind words to our conversations whether we know the person or not.  And we can listen, really listen to what others are saying. Now these all seem to be normal things to do, not out of the ordinary, but there’s a key to this. While doing all of these loving things, we must BE LOVE, think and feel lovingly when doing, saying and acting. It takes awareness.

More than that though, we can go through our own personal day and acknowledge all of the things we love in our own lives. Think about the trip you take to work, do you notice all those gorgeous Jacaranda trees in full purple bloom, do you think about the gorgeous sunny, blue-skied morning, do you think about the clothes you are wearing, you know the ones you love to wear and feel good in? Do you think about that yummy raisin toast you had for breakfast, that fills the kitchen with the scent of cinnamon, or what about the heady smell of jasmine you smell each morning when you drop the kids off at school? Each and every moment that you acknowledge the things you love, you send out the energy and the loving vibe; you can’t possibly feel unloved and everyone around you feels that loving aura. Think Law of Attraction, we are and we become what we think.

Stop and ponder for a moment, imagine if everyone was sending out loving vibes, WOW! In our own little way, whether we have the love we desire at this present point in time, we can embrace love, we can find love and we can share love.

Love is everywhere and within everyone and everything, feel it, be it, embody it.

Sending love to you today <3

About Sandy Dingwall

Sandy lives on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, is a mum to 3 little people (9, 7 and 5) and is married to a creative type like her. She has worked and owned businesses in a number of industries – children’s publishing, franchising, bakeries, cafes, a local newspaper and most recently ran her own handbag business. Currently Sandy is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Publishing.

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