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From Nowhere To Now Here

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It is so interesting how words wrap themselves into meanings simply by the way that they are spelled. Coming as we all do from our own unique inside spaces, how does it feel when you think to yourself of being ‘nowhere’?

‘Nowhere’  as we traditionally use the idea represents a sense of place and of beingness of the spirit – when people say ‘ I feel like I am going nowhere fast’ or ‘I am getting nowhere ‘ with whatever the situation is, there is a sense of loss, of lack and failure.  It represents a sister sense of ‘nothing’ or ‘no thing’, again showing that something important, imperative is missing.  Seldom is ‘nowhere’ allowed to represent simply the space in between being and doing.experience of lack and limitation?   Does the concept of ‘nowhere’  evoke  a  sense of nothingness, blankness in the spirit?

And there is always a space in between so many places of our lives – our oral communication with each other has spaces and pauses as we search for the right expression of feeling – our written communication provides the same because without the assistance of face, voice and body providing the appropriate tones and inflections – the words themselves could become misconstrued and die in our throats and thoughts.

The space of ‘nowhere’ does not require that we even be ‘lost’, though we can be –  we can simply  ‘not be’ in the emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, mental space that others may be in – we may be ’lost in space’ like the old TV show, though not really lost, but as n in lost in thought.  My physical, emotional, financial, mental and spiritual space for now may just be in the no!

Our challenge today as spiritually called beings is to recognize where we are and are not and learn to be okay with that, and then become okay with moving forward into that space between the spaces between.    And if you think about it, between holds so many, many possibilities.  Between has a future to draw upon and create.  And it can have a past to reflect on.

I invite you to investigate fully within your spirit the concept of ‘nowhere’ and wherever you are to move to a state of being ‘Now Here.   ‘ It is exactly the same word, letters – the only change has been the spacing – ah, back to space!  If we look at the idea of being Now Here’, then we come into a fully functioning state of the present moment.    Wherever we look, here we are, in all of our beauty, our questions and our wishings.   ‘Now Here’ conveys a sense of beingness,  of presence of time and location.  We may not fully understand what it means to be ‘Now Here’ but we know we are there.

Let us take some internal time and investigate our location on all levels and what that means to us  – what it looks like and how it feels –  in our minds and spirits, let us journey ‘ from nowhere to now here’ and fulfill that effort completely.  Let there be no space left unexplored, unopened, undone.  Let us paint our internal and external landscapes with a brush so exquisite that the details emerge beyond the scope of our imaginings.

I invite you to take this journey and share with us the beauty that you find that has been within you all along.

About Dr. Tricia Working

Atlanta native, speaker, and writer, Dr. Tricia Working brings a cadre of experience and expertise to her work both spiritually & within mainstream America. She has over ten years of experience with the Georgia legislature, seven years experience in shelter management, and fifteen years education. She founded Paws for Thought Animal Foundation in 1993 & currently serves as President of the Southern Regional Business Council & Director of Public Relations for the Hope of Humanity Foundation.

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