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6 Tips For Recovering From A Toxic Relationship

We have all read about them, seen them on TV, and some of us have experienced them. Toxic relationships can be destructive, addictive, and notorious …

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4 Things You Need To Know About Elder Abuse

We like to think that the people around our elderly loved ones are kind and responsible. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, they are getting …

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4 Major Signs That Your Relationship Is In Big Trouble

No woman enjoys that doubt in the back of her mind that her relationship is falling apart. Unfortunately, this happens a lot and doesn't always mean a breakup. You should know, though, staying in a relationship that isn’t right for you for way too long can be miserable and unproductive. Some women continue to work on their relationship because they believe their partner will change.When these women find out that they ultimately won't, they may feel like they wasted their time. It may be beneficial to know for sure if we are unhappy with who we chose early on in the relationship. This type of awareness helps to make good decisions that serve you at all stages. To get you thinking, here are 4 major signs that your relationship is in big trouble.

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“Red Head Randy” Actress, Jackee Minelli, Overcomes Years of Bullying

THE AMAZING JACKEE MINELLI Here is a young lady who is inspiration personified.  Jackee Minelli is young but has been through a lot in her …

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