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4 Ways To Nail Authenticity In Your Business

AUTHENTICITY is a business buzz word these days. What does it actually mean and how do we BE IT to get results? The dictionary definition is this: of undisputed origin; genuine. Here's the thing: being authentic doesn't mean we must show all of our flaws or all of our strengths, for that matter. It's kind of like owning a weapon...you neither have to flaunt it, nor should you, in order for it to be effective when you need it. The same goes for a weakness. You live with those flaws every day. They are a part of you. They become a part of your strength naturally if you let them and will show up when needed.

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It’s Bananas!

Do you ever wonder why we continue to do things the same old way just because it's the way we were taught or it's the accepted way? I'm finding that I'm questioning everything I ever learned and wondering if there is better and more efficient ways to accomplish my goals. I'm pretty sure that there is, and I'm determined to find each and every one of them. As a part of my own self-development, I've realized that it's my responsibility to find the most serving ways to live, grow, and effect change for myself and the world around me.

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