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Your Weekly Dose Of Diva: Healing Our Wounds As The True Route To Empowerment?

Today was a life-changer day for me - a day of reckoning. I just spent over three months diving deep, hundreds of hours, working harder than I've ever worked, creating, building, fine-tuning an online course, my first. It was my steepest learning curve yet - just the technology alone would have derailed me even a year ago, much less the visioning, the multi-tasking, the focus required. Today it launched for the first time - version 1.0 - and not a single person has bought in yet and who knows, maybe no one will. And for the first time ever I am so good with that.

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It’s Bananas!

Do you ever wonder why we continue to do things the same old way just because it's the way we were taught or it's the accepted way? I'm finding that I'm questioning everything I ever learned and wondering if there is better and more efficient ways to accomplish my goals. I'm pretty sure that there is, and I'm determined to find each and every one of them. As a part of my own self-development, I've realized that it's my responsibility to find the most serving ways to live, grow, and effect change for myself and the world around me.

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Even When Shit And Shadows Get Scary, I’m Still In!

You know that feeling you get when you're watching a scary movie and the heroin is snooping in a really creepy, dark place? Well, I always say to myself or out loud, "What the hell are you doing? Why are you even going down there? Are you insane? Admit it, you've done it, too! Then I realize that there wouldn't be a story or movie unless someone does something dramatic or to risk bodily harm.

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Live Life Victoriously

How do you view your everyday life? Is it a battle you fight daily, or is it an adventure? It's all in the way you look at things! Instead of focusing on setbacks and the next frustration, plan for the next adventure.

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