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6 Strategies To Face Your Problems Head On

Everyone has problems, right? Some of them are small and some make you want to bury your head in the sand. However, doing so won't help at all. You need to face your problems head on in order to eradicate them. Fear of the unknown has a way of stealing our courage if we are facing something difficult. Believe me, I've had a multitude of problems in my life that have done just this. Fortunately, I learned how to get through them with clarity and confidence by applying these 6 strategies.

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Rebel Mind Control

Women are creatures of habit. We tend to get stuck on autopilot much of the time. The positioning gets comfortable and our thoughts are familiar. It seems to work well enough there that we put down roots like a mighty oak. Unfortunately, that camp usually is due to fear, negative thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, and ignoring the sense that there is more to life. Well, guess what? The problem isn't that we comfortably rest under the shade of a tree, it is when we decide to stay there with the excuses, fears, and debilitating thoughts.

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Self, Actually

I want to talk to you about us...you, me, our neighbors, our enemies, sisters, brothers, bosses, children, parents. Yes, us and each and every person we come in contact with. But, it starts with you and me and how we acknowledge ourselves. Like lovers acknowledging their love, we must find a way to discover, embrace, and care for ourselves.

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Are You Competing With Yourself?

The one key to making perfect self-evaluations is to do it based on looking at the whole person you see in the present mirror. This image is your present personal best. She is the person you can see, touch, hear, know in this present time. She is not the you of the past or the you of the future. She is YOU right now,

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