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Originating From Melbourne, This Lovely Pop Star Is Now Hitting The ‘Big Time’ In The USA

And who is she? Enter KATJA GLIESON, a survivor of bullying and now proving to the world that such adversities just cannot win – not if you are determined rise above them. Katja is a growing international woman who is rapidly gaining attention for her original music and videos and superb talent – and she’s gorgeous to boot and a thoroughly nice person.

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Introducing, FIROSHA!

Firosha Price. Remember that name. As the announcement up there screams – here is another young lady who is very definitely going places. The vocalist, writer and dancer is, in short, a lady of many talents. And darned hard to believe she is also a past victim of bullying – and, like most of ‘my people’ she is another who is rising above her torment and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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