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How Do You Know He’s Right For You?

Why is it that some relationships flow so naturally, and others are rocky right from the start? Sure, every relationship is going to have endeavors, but being with someone should not feel forced or like a job. The majority of the time the reasoning for these bumpy relationships is that they are simply with the wrong person. Some of you may believe there is one true love for everybody. So, how can you tell if the one you’re with is right for you? And is there really only one soul that’s right?

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Chasing Happiness

In our lives today, we’re so rushed with everything there is to do, both personally and professionally, we have no idea whether we’re happy or not. Our lives tend to be about the next thing on the “to-do” list, or the next appointment we have, or the next thing in our over-scheduled lives. It’s hard to just stop for moment. Breathe for a moment. Think for a moment. And that’s exactly what stops us from seeing the happiness and the joy there is around us to be had at any given moment in the day.

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