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How Do You Know He’s Right For You?

Why is it that some relationships flow so naturally, and others are rocky right from the start? Sure, every relationship is going to have hard times, but being with someone should not feel forced or like a job. The majority of the time the reasoning for these bumpy relationships is that they are simply with the wrong person. Some people believe there is one true love for everybody. So, how can you tell if the one you’re with is right for you? And is there really only one soul that’s right?

For those of you who have been married several times, it’s pretty clear that there are some people out there that are ‘right’. Deciding that a person is right for you can be a gamble. You can’t see into the future to be sure that the relationship will work out, but if you feel it’s worth the risk, go for it!

For me, it’s important to know a person inside and out before I let my mind wander to thoughts of happily ever after. The first few dates are never ones that make me think this person could be the one. Instead, I’m thinking I could go on another date with this man. Lots of people play the relationship game date by date. Some do it to test the waters of a longer term relationship. For example, you might try a weekend away somewhere quiet like http://www.flowersforeveryone.com.au/love-cave/, or a hiking holiday to see how you both get on.

You might have your own idea of what your perfect man looks like. Perhaps you even have a checklist of things like career choice, height, weight, family background and schooling. Such a narrow search for a soulmate could leave you disappointed. Instead, why not look for characteristics.

Are you looking for someone who is a social butterfly, or do you prefer the quiet listener? Perhaps you like sporty guys who are always up for some action and adventure just like you? You could take a test at http://www.allthetests.com/relationship-test to find out more.

I think the most successful relationships are found between two people who don’t have to pretend to be happy. They don’t hide when they’re together. They’re proud of who they are, and have no burning desire to change their significant other. Some people just know they’re with the one. Others know they’ll be unhappy if they weren’t with their partner. Knowing he’s right for you means you feel safe, secure, trusted, and respected. And he should feel exactly the same way.

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