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5 Ways To Keep Your Colon Happy And Healthy

Although the bowels are part of the body that people often don’t like to talk or think about, ironically, they are actually one of the …

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The First 5 Things You Need to Do for Health

If each of us truly understood all the ins and outs of our bodies and what the different parts need to do and have for health, our brains would probably implode from all the information.

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Detox Your Body Continued

This topic is so important for understanding how our bodies actually work, how they get healthy, and how they stay that way. We have a few more detoxing tips for you today.

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Beautiful Skin: One Doctor’s “Inside” Secrets Revealed

When we look into the eyes of another, surely we are looking at the soul of the one standing directly in front of us – or are we? It is difficult for many to get past the physical to gaze any further. We have become a visual society, judging according to our cultural beliefs. We perceive the outside to be an extension of the inside, whether it is health or beauty.

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