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Detox Your Body Continued

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This topic is so important for understanding how our bodies actually work, how they get healthy, and how they stay that way.  We have a few more detoxing tips for you today. Remember, to consult your health care provider before embarking on any new treatments.  Take care of that body, Ladies! Be well-be beautiful.

“The best way to handle detoxing your body is to consult with a physician. There are many “detox” products out there and some can cause you harm. Especially if you do it too fast and your bodies elimination processes are not up to par. My suggestion is to not go with the “quick fix”. Go for a change in habits like eliminating coffee, cola, or sugar by slowly decreasing your intake to not get withdrawal symptoms and stick to it for at least a month. This approach is much safer for you. Remember everything you put in your mouth is your daily medicine. It is either helpful or harmful.” Dr. Heidi Kline, D.C.
“The most effective way I have found to cleanse the colon of toxic waste and build up is through colon hydrotherapy. When done properly and by a qualified physician, this procedure is safe and can bring life-changing results. I have used colon hydrotherapy myself over the years as a way to rid my body of toxins from medications and poor eating habits. I do agree that one should always consult a doctor before starting any detoxifying program or treatment. If you have questions about colon hydrotherapy, please consult with Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox at Natural Rejuvenation.” Kellie R. Stone, Journey Coach
“The lymphatic system is a complex network of ducts and vessels that transfer white blood cells and antibodies to your organs and tissues. These cells and antibodies arm your immune system and help your body combat infections. Unlike the circulatory system, which uses the heart to pump blood to vital organs and tissues, the lymph system must rely on hundreds of muscular units, your body movements, and water intake to move the lymph through the vessels. Normal lymph movement in the body can be reduced by stress, fatigue, inactivity, cold temperatures, infection, chemical or food additives, even one’s age and heredity.” “This is where lymphatic drainage massage comes into play. It’s basically a type of holistic therapy that gives your lymphatic system a “tune up.” By manually stimulating the increased flow of lymphatic fluid, it can reinvigorate your immune system and sweep out harmful toxins.” “Lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful in addressing a wide range of conditions. It can reduce fatigue, menstrual cramps, cellulite and water retention, even sinusitis and hay fever allergies.” Healthy.net

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***The content of this post is not intended to replace professional advice from your health care provider. Women’s Life Link, it’s authors, associates, commentators, or linked sites do not claim that any information will diagnose, treat, improve, or cure any disease or condition.

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  1. Kellie,
    I’ve read so much about the importance of detoxing and I know I need to do it at some point, but what always gets me is the no-coffee part! I’ve done semi-detoxes but I just love my coffee… bad, I know! 🙂

    • Giving up coffee is a difficult one. I struggle with it as well because of the headache issues. I try to cleanse in other ways that don’t require that I axe my cup of Joe!

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