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3 Smart Career Choices For Compassionate Women

Though most women have some compassion and caring ability, there are those who excel at it. These are the women who would do anything for …

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3 Life Skills You Want To Take From Your Job

There are many things you can take from your job or career to benefit you personally...and, no, this isn’t about stealing office supplies for home use. Among the technical skills and job specifics you glean from your position, there are other savvy skills that will serve you. And, these days, with our jobs taking so much of our time, we want to get all that we can out of those precious hours. Here are 3 life skills you want to take from your job.

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A New Definition For Compassion

I once heard that true compassion is defined by a person doing something for another without being attached to the outcome of the situation. In other words, if you help someone, you can't do it because you believe it will create a certain result for that person or yourself. This really is a novel idea. Most people do things for others because they believe certain changes will occur. Therefore, detaching ourselves from results is really difficult.

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