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3 Character Traits Of Hugely Successful Female Leaders

If you take a look through history, many of the hugely successful female leaders have many of the same character traits. Of course, they may …

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Overcoming My Fear

Today is a special day for me. I actually overcame my fear of being on video. Because I've spent most of the day working on this inaugural video, I did not get much time to write a post today. So, instead of trying to start from scratch with a different topic, I am posting the best articles about overcoming fear. Hopefully, my video will be finished tomorrow and, for the very first time, I will present my readers with a video blog. I hope you are all still working on yourselves and focusing on your goals for the week or month. Remember to share your goals, dreams, progress in the comments so we can connect and be accountable to each other. Here's the best of overcoming fear! Love you all!

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A Woman’s Courage – Inside Depression

Welcome to Women's Life Link and our New You in 31 Days Challenge. We have a new contributor! Christina Taylor is another dear one from down under. She has a special story to share with us about her challenges and victories within her experience with Depression. She will be sharing some of her poetry that is featured in her book, A Woman's Courage. You can check out her bio and more about her book on the Contributor Page! Please welcome her with some comment love. I'm sure she would love to hear if any of you have experienced depression and, if so, how you handle challenges, what has worked for you, and what hasn't. Be YOU!

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Embracing Beauty

Have things in your life been a struggle? Maybe things have just been constrictive or you feel stuck. Maybe you are frustrated with a situation you just cannot seem to get past. Lately I have had butterflies on my mind. No, not the nervous butterflies in the tummy but the beautiful, flighty, colorful creatures that take to the sky and land on the wild flowers. They do not stay in one place long, but before those beautiful moments of flight, it was a caterpillar snug tight in it's cocoon. That is where it goes through metamorphosis. Changes. There are stages to it's growth. And then, when the time is right, the cocoon tears away to reveal the colorful wings that take flight.

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