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3 Character Traits Of Hugely Successful Female Leaders

If you take a look through history, many of the hugely successful female leaders have many of the same character traits. Of course, they may be completely different people in completely different industries, but they do have things in common that made them all notable people in history.


Persistence means never giving up; do you think without persistence, Marie Curie would have ever won the Nobel prize? She moved forward relentlessly, and in turn, this made her a wildly successful scientist and female leader who has never been forgotten.


Without curiosity, why would we go anywhere or do anything? Coco Chanel said her life did not please her, so she created it instead. This just goes to show that imagination and curiosity on top of persistence is a must if you want a better quality of life for yourself. If you can’t see a better future or even wonder what it would be like, how can you expect to get to where you want to be?


Usually, the people we never forget have an unshakeable confidence that helps to get them where they want to be. People naturally trust confident people, as they make us feel more secure. In order to be truly successful as a female leader, you must develop self-confidence with no conditions!

There are so many more qualities you’ll find in female leaders too; creativity and positivity just a couple more! If you want more inspiration, check out the infographic below about women in public leadership:

credit to University of Southern California Online

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