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Staying Fit With Limited Mobility

Recently, a client of mine sprained her ankle and was told that she had pretty serious damage from the sprain and from earlier injuries to the same area. Her doctor put her on crutches for a month and told her the only way she could go to work was if her boss would let her do everything seated with her foot up.

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What Is the Best Exercise for Abs and Glutes?

Anyone can benefit from ballet training. Many athletes (yes, football and basketball players) take ballet! You better believe they have many advantages over the athletes who don’t!

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The Best Healthy Eating Tips

What is a healthy portion? Your entire meal should be 2 handfuls! Ouch! Sorry! BUT, the good news is, you can have 4-6 meals a day!! Does that help?

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Meet Donna Martelli, CPT

Women's Life Link would like to introduce, Donna Martelli. She is currently a certified personal trainer, dance instructor, and founder of the Beautiful Feet Dance Ministry. As an expert in several methods of training, Donna helps women reach higher levels of fitness through personal coaching and proven techniques. I've been in her classes; she is tough! We are thankful to have her on board at Women's Life Link as an author.

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