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Anyone can benefit from ballet training. Many athletes (yes, football and basketball players) take ballet! You better believe they have many advantages over the athletes who don’t!

What Is the Best Exercise for Abs and Glutes?

The Best Exercise for the Best Body

By Donna Martelli (Holistic Fitness Expert)

People often ask me “What is the best exercise I can do?”or what is the best thing I can do for my abs and glutes?” My answer has always been the same: “Ballet!!” I have tried just about every exercise technique that’s out there, but I always return to ballet when I really want to rev up my overall fitness.  Every ballet class is systematically and scientifically designed to strengthen, stretch, and train all of the body’s major muscle groups.  It is the bottom line basic for all dance and many exercise techniques. The benefits are total and amazing!  (See “Benefits of Ballet” for an in depth view.) 

Anyone can benefit from ballet training.  Many athletes (yes, football and basketball players) take ballet!  You better believe they have many advantages over the athletes who don’t!  Strength, balance, and the ability to rapidly change direction and shift weight from one foot to another are just a few of the skills gained from ballet training that will most certainly benefit any athlete.

Before you ask, no, you don’t have to stand on your toes! Let’s leave that to the teen-aged ballerinas.  If you want a dancer’s body with the strength of a professional athlete, I challenge you to give ballet a try!  If you have never danced before or if you were a child star, try a ballet class for adult beginners or intermediates.

Ballet at Home

For those of you who would rather take the challenge in the privacy of your home, I have designed a DVD just for you!  It is called “Ballet Tone and Shape”.  On the DVD, I take you through some basic ballet exercises both at the barre and in the center.  Additionally, I have added some strength training with light weights and an exercise band for arm  and upper body definition and strength.  The DVD is available for $25.00 at www.beautifulfeetdanceministry.com on the “store” page.

***Please consult with your health care provider before starting any fitness program, especially if you have any medical conditions or injuries.

About the author

Trained in ballet from a young age and danced with the Harkness Ballet of New York, Donna is now a Holistic Fitness Expert. Located in Indianapolis, IN, she is an AFTA Certified Personal Trainer and an AMFTA Certified Pilates Instructor, offering private and group instruction in many dance techniques and personal fitness.

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