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Second Brain Theory About Depression

Brain disorders can take many forms, one of which is autism. In this particular area you can again find compelling evidence of the link between brain and gut health. For example, gluten intolerance is frequently a feature of autism, and many autistic children will improve when following a strict gluten-free diet. Many autistic children also tend to improve when given probiotics, either in the form of fermented foods or probiotic supplements.

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Can NSAIDS Really Hurt Me?

Hi Everyone. I don't often do this, but here's an article republished in whole from leading health expert Dr. Mercola. I found it extremely troubling, as I take my share of NSAIDS for migraine pain. Please post it on your social media pages or forward it to friends and family who take common pain relievers for chronic pain.

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Breast Cancer Screening and 2 Other Concerns

Many women have been alarmed by the recent recommendations for breast cancer screening. It's not surprising that those who have already been getting annual mammograms or are approaching the age of forty are confused about what they should do. I know because I'm one of them.

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Multivitamin Deception

Today, I wanted to share a video that was posted on one of my favorite sites, Mercola.com. Dr. Mercola discusses the dangers of taking synthetic, below standard multivitamins.

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Co Q10 Supplements: How Important Are They?

I recently came across some interesting supplement information on Dr. Mercola's website. There is a significant "buzz" going on right now about antioxidants and the importance of getting them in your diet.

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