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I recently came across some interesting supplement information on Dr. Mercola's website. There is a significant "buzz" going on right now about antioxidants and the importance of getting them in your diet.

Co Q10 Supplements: How Important Are They?

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I recently came across some interesting supplement information on Dr. Mercola’s website.  There is a significant “buzz” going on right now about antioxidants and the importance of getting them in your diet.  So, when I read the headline of this article, it totally intrigued me.  It read: “The Antioxidant that Actually Restores All Your Other Antioxidants.”  Sounds efficient.  He was talking about a newly developed form of CoQ10 called Ubiquinol.

Why is this so significant?

“I believe one of the key elements in the aging process is free radical production. These free radicals are oxygen atoms deficient in electrons that become highly reactive. This in turn causes potential damage to your tissues and DNA,” says Dr. Mercola.  “If there was something you could do to limit the free radical production, then you could affect the aging process.”

Mercola explains that Co Q10 is a nutrient that offers the goods but that our bodies don’t assimilate it as well after a certain age (around 25).  The reduced form of Co Q10 (ubiquinol) is what limits free radical production.  Those under 25 are able to convert the oxidized form of CoQ10 to the reduced ubiquinol in their bodies making a standard supplement okay.  But for us older gals, we need some help. Pre-broken down CoQ10 is the way to go, according to Mercola.com.

Because CoQ10 supplements are not cheap, you want to make sure that you use one that will give the full benefits.  It simply is wasteful to take anything that you can’t absorb.  Make sure that any supplement you purchase is made by a reputable company and lists the ingredients on the bottle or packaging.  Here are some products/companies that I trust by way of personal use or recommendation from my own healthcare providers.

100% Pure & Natural Ubiquinol 100 Mg 60 Sgels

Now Foods CoQ10 (100mg)


Nano CoQ10 by Pharmanex Contact:  jeffriehall@sbcglobal.net

For more information about CoQ10 and other nutritional supplements, read Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements.  This book has been invaluable for me and my family in determining health needs.  Feel free to ask questions here in the comments or on the contact page.  One of our doctors will get back with you asap.  Be well-be beautiful.

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