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4 DIY Health Checks That Save Lives And Money

There are a few easy things you can do yourself at home to help you stay healthier. They could not only save your life but with skyrocketing healthcare costs, these DIY health checks can save you a lot of money in the long run. Prevention is better than being surprised with a disease that could threaten your life and finances. I know women who wish they had done some simple at-home health checks.

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5 Health Conditions Women Need To Talk About

Unfortunately, men and women aren’t created equally in a biological sense. And, as a result, there are some health conditions that affect women more than men. But, surprisingly, we women rarely speak to each other about these serious conditions. That all needs to change. By talking to each other about our health, we raise awareness. And then more and more women will know to get important tests and checkups, so they can catch potentially dangerous conditions early. So, which health conditions are women at most risk for? Here are some of the main ones.

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