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4 DIY Health Checks That Save Lives And Money

***This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. There are a few easy things you can do yourself at home to help you stay healthier. They could not only save your life but with skyrocketing healthcare costs, these DIY health checks can save you a lot of money in the long run. Prevention is better than being surprised with a disease that could threaten your life and finances. I know women who wish they had done some simple at-home health checks. Because they didn’t, disease set up shop and they paid the price. You don’t want this. Medical bills pile up and you are forced to think about how to get cheaper medicine just to make ends meet. Do remember, however, even though there are DIY health checks that save lives and money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see your doctor regularly. 

DIY Health Checks That Save Lives And Money #1: Breast Exams

Most women have heard how life-threatening breast cancer can be. However, if you catch it in its early stages, it can be treated more easily with a higher survival rate. That said, if you don’t catch the symptoms, and the disease is left to develop, the survival rate drops significantly. So, as you can see, it is important to check your breasts and underarm area monthly for any unusual changes. 

This video shows how to carry out a breast examination accurately. The most noticeable change in the breast could be lumps, but you should also look out for inverted nipples, skin irritation, painful spots, and discharge. Consider also, the time of the month you do the exam. Most experts feel during menstruation is the best time to do it. If you think you are pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test to confirm. This alone could cause some major changes in your breasts that might make you think something bad is happening.

DIY Health Checks That Save Lives And Money #2: Skin Checks

The number of skin cancer patients under 40 is steadily on the rise, so don’t think it’s just something that happens to old people. All over skin checks should be carried out once a month at the very minimum. If you work outside or live in a very hot and sunny climate, such as those in Australia, Mexico, or Africa, you should be doing these once a week. 

Look out for any changes in the color and texture of your skin in general. It is also a good idea to get to know all the different moles on your body, as these often show warning signs when something is wrong. If a mole changes size, shape, or texture, you should see your doctor immediately. New moles aren’t always signs of trouble, but you should keep an eye on them in case they do change shortly after appearing.

DIY Health Checks That Save Lives And Money #3: Inside the Mouth

Did you know that you should also check the inside of your mouth for signs of cancer as well? This is especially important for women who regularly drink alcohol or smoke. These activities increase the chances of developing the disease. So, what exactly should you look out for? The main warning sign is white patches. Another early sign is red patches on the tongue that can be quite painful. If you have no good explanation for having white or red patches or they don’t fade within a couple of weeks, you should see your doctor.

Inflamed and bleeding gums can also be signs of oral cancer but happen more commonly with gingivitis. It’s a good idea to have your dentist check out your gums if things don’t improve. Most dental specialists are also trained to recognize signs of oral cancer. Regular dental check-ups, along with your self-exams, will help prevent common problems as well as anything more serious.

DIY Health Checks That Save Lives And Money #4: Depression Screening

Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? It could really pay to take a depression screening quiz to check for anything serious. These are readily available online at various health websites. By answering questions about your moods and emotions, you should get a good idea how you’re doing in this area. Should you realize that things aren’t quite right, see your doctor or mental health specialist. It’s important to look out for other symptoms of depression as well, such as losing or gaining an excessive amount of weight, fatigue, and a feeling of hopelessness.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your health care provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.



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