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“Red Head Randy” Actress, Jackee Minelli, Overcomes Years of Bullying

THE AMAZING JACKEE MINELLI Here is a young lady who is inspiration personified.  Jackee Minelli is young but has been through a lot in her …

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Another Bullying Victim Fights Back

One of the very many things I like most about what I do – combining the stories of emerging showbiz talents (and some more experienced) with the fight against bullying – is hearing and learning about some of these people. What some of them have been through – bullying – and how they rise above it. They sing their wonderful talents to show the world that all their nightmares/tormenters have done is help bring them through – help make them who and what they are. Proving to other victims worldwide that they are certainly not alone and that they can be whatever they want – if they put their minds to it. No-one can stop you, not if you really want it.

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