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Lucky Number Five

I always loved playing tag when I was a kid, probably because I was a fast runner and always caught those little buggers. Well, I was tagged by Gina from A Muse In My Pocket for the Five/Five/Five blogging game (BTW, I just named it that).

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Open Heart Surgery

OK, so I changed the Tuesday theme...again. What can I say, I get bored easily. I've decided to let you all inside my head and world just a little more from now on. I have realized that I can get a little distant always posting about what to do to get healthy and happy.

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5 Things About Me

1. I have given birth (naturally and without pain medication) to six children. Two of them were born at home with a midwife.

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Meet Kellie R. Stone

By now you know Kellie Stone as the founder of Women's Life Link, an amazing writer on all subjects pertaining to women’s health, wellness and beauty. I've known her as so much more. Way back in 1991, she walked into a Christian Book Store, which I owned and managed at the time, looking for a part time job. I hired her on the spot.

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