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Fit Life-Changing Habits And Rituals Into Your Busy Lifestyle

Rituals are something we all do, without even thinking. For example, we all have a morning ritual. I wake up, get out of bed, go straight to my bathroom, make a pee-pee, wash my hands and brush my teeth. Then I go into my office and turn on my Himalayan Salt Lamp and read my emails. Mike brings me up my morning coffee (ruled by Saturn = work) and after I’ve worked for about 1 hour, I get up, put on my workout clothes, make my altar devotions and go work out. Then I shower and get dressed for the day (purification by water). Simply put: A ritual is a series of steps that you follow. A habit is something you do over and over without consciously thinking about and therefore is hard to stop. Most of us lead very busy lives, it’s the way things are these days… so adding in a new ritual or habit can seem hard to do.

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Bring Positive Energy & Magic Into Your Home

It is essential to realize that your living space reflects and affects your inner life, thoughts and your personal vibration… and those “things” create your life experience. So, if you bless your home and bestow it with an abundance of love and positive thought, it becomes a gracious container in which you can manifest more beauty, divine grace and abundance into your life!

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Early Spring Flower Magic

For hundreds of years, the plants (flowers, shrubs, trees and herbs) that grow in gardens, forests and meadows have been used for magical purposes. Now that spring is officially upon us, In invite you to keep an eye out for some of the following flowers and think about how you could incorporate them into your life – for beauty, their scent or to simply add a little dash of magic into your day!

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