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Are You Potential Or Price Focused?

In this material world of ours, it's not hard to get "price" focused. "How much is it going to cost me?" and "I can't pay that much." frequently roll off our tongues like deep set affirmations. Well, actually, these and other words and thoughts can become infused into our minds as the normal way of walking through life. I'm not just talking about money and financial things either. There is a price for everything we do or experience in life. But there is also a potential or a payoff. Which one are you focused on?

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Stalkers…Where You Least Expect

There isn't much anyone can say to comfort someone who is being stalked. Terror and the fear of the unknown dominate the thoughts of a woman who knows someone is there watching, waiting, and looking for an opportune time to pounce. The only real relief comes when the perpetrator is stopped by the law or other means. I've said all this to paint a picture of a problem that I believe is just as serious and causes similar negative actions. I'm talking about being stalked by your own self-doubt, fear, and negative beliefs. Please hear me out...

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