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Emotional Transactions That Bring Success

I just got a new dining table and chairs delivered this morning and, boy, I am relieved! Even though I knew the space that we have in our eat-in kitchen, I still had a concern that somehow it wouldn't fit or it would look too big. But it looks beautiful and fits perfectly! However, I remember several occasions when I purchased pieces of furniture on a whim because of a sale or chance meeting at a local yard sale and totally regretted it. They were either too big, too small, too dark, or just plain didn't work where I thought they would. So, you can understand when I say I was "relieved" this morning. This event really reminds me of how you feel when trying something new or meeting new people...a little nervous, a little scared and happy-excited all at the same time. These emotions are SO normal and even built in to help us make safe and clear decisions. So, feelings are meant to create a thought process that leads to a decision...

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Where Do I Belong?

Leave it to me to load a question like that, as if it was a one pound baked potato with all the toppings you could possibly eat in one sitting. And, as stuffing yourself with a mammoth starch-riddled spud tends to make you feel like a gluttonous ogre, trying to answer this inquiry quickly and with clarity puts your mind into digestive overload. You wonder if your thoughts about yourself and your current status genuinely "belong" to a world that was meant for you or if you are simply avoiding it out of fear or confusion? Well, I say both.

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