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Becoming Addiction Free

Who is an Addict? Most people define an addict as someone who is an alcoholic or drug user. The truth is, anything that eases pain can become an object of addiction. People become addicted to the absence of feeling emotion. They want pain on the outside instead of the inside, and they want to become someone they are not. It's not always easy to recognize an addict, however. They can have good jobs, good friends and look no different on the outside than anyone else.

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Living With Borderline Personality Disorder

If you have been in any type of relationship with someone who suffers from BPD, you would tell me that it was hell and you were constantly walking on eggshells. The problem is, we BPDs are just as afraid of ourselves as you are of us. We do not like living with this person any more than you do. However, it is not our choice...not at first anyway. This is how we learned to deal with life, whether it is right or wrong. For me, everyone that I have ever loved has left me. No one wants to deal with the ‘crazy’ and honestly, most days I don’t want to either.

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