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Pros And Cons Of Changing Careers Over 40

changing careers over 40

As a woman, reaching your 40s can be both a liberating and confusing time. You can feel more confident in your skin but, oddly, wish …

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7 Musts For Your Over-Forty Health Plan

Obviously, there are some inevitable changes your body will go through as you age. That said, you can still help your overall health and fitness …

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Memory Loss: Is It Normal?

Setting aside the wrinkles, the drooping boobs, and the inability to see anything closer to my face than two feet, the worst thing about aging is the sudden short term memory lapses that seem to come at the most inopportune times (ie. missplacing your keys when you're already late; your phone number has vacated your brain when you have to leave a message on someone's voicemail; your child's name escapes you).

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