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4 Stress-Busting Workouts For Women

stress-busting workouts for women

In today’s world, it’s easy for women to become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life. With the demands of work, family, and other …

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4 Ways To Navigate Job Burnout Successfully

If each Monday morning you dread heading back to work, remember you have a choice. You aren’t a slave and nobody has a gun to …

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Life Interrupted

You know how you feel when someone rudely interrupts you? Awkward. Frustrated. Inferior. Angry. Maybe all of these emotions and more. I've been on both the interrupted and the interrupter sides of many conversations, and, honestly, I don't feel good about either position. Though I try not to ever cut anyone off, it happens...and I usually feel bad about it afterwards. I hate getting interrupted. It makes me feel disrespected and unimportant. I stand there wondering whether I should try to restate my point or just let go. Sometimes I forget what I was saying altogether.

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Recreation And Re-creation

I am always held spellbound by semantics and linguistics; words can say so much and mean so many different things to different people. This struck me the other day regarding the word ‘recreation’. Think about the word recreation; it might conjure images of fun, down time, sports and hobbies, time with the kids, relaxation and enjoyment. It’s the time spent away from your working life, the chores and the 'should be doing' tasks your mind keeps reminding you of.

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