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4 Ways To Navigate Job Burnout Successfully

If each Monday morning you dread heading back to work, remember you have a choice. You aren’t a slave and nobody has a gun to your head… you have a choice!  You don’t have to remain in a job or career that’s wearing you out. Life is too short to spend that many hours doing something you hate. Here are some of my top ways to navigate job burnout successfully.

Navigate Job Burnout Successfully #1: TELL SOMEONE HOW YOU FEEL

Don’t let negative feelings about your job get out of control. It’s important to share them with someone who can help the situation. You never want to have the straw that breaks the camel’s back hit while you are at work. This could lead to losing it with either a colleague, a customer, or even your boss.

The other mistake people make is they talk to everyone except for the one person, or group of people, that could help.  If your employer knows the reason for your unhappiness, he/she should do something to change things if possible. It takes courage to reach out at work, but it’s worth it to be happier.

Navigate Job Burnout Successfully#2: CHANGE YOUR HOURS

If you’re feeling overworked, reducing your hours could help ease the stress.  However, reducing your hours could mean less pay. Ask your employer if there are any flex hours or any times that you could work from home. Also, a shift in your responsibilities might also be an alternative. You could also avoid rush hour traffic by changing your hours. This alone could help with stress and extra time away from loved ones.

Navigate Job Burnout Successfully #3: LOOK FOR A NEW JOB OR CAREER

If you’re unhappy to the point you would like to change jobs or a career path, this is always an option. The most important thing is that you’re happy and fulfilled. Yes, I know money is important, too. However, I believe it’s possible to find a balance between the two. Have you ever thought about setting up your own business as an alternative to just switching jobs?


There are a number of reasons why your job can wear you out. Perhaps the hours are too long, maybe you don’t get along with c0-workers.  Also, with such tough economic times, perhaps, you’re in constant fear of being laid off. All of these reasons are legitimate and need to be addressed with your employers. Also, if your rights are being violated or your workplace is handling things wrong, get help. There are various types of attornies to help with these cases.  Labor and workers compensation lawyers are there to make sure that businesses comply with the law and give you a safe and fair working experience.  

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