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5 Ways To Find Strong Mentors

Let’s face it, living in this world is challenging, especially if you don’t have a strong support system and mentors from which to glean. Growing …

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3 Big Musts For Reaching Our Full Potential

It can be incredibly frustrating, even upsetting, to feel as though we aren’t reaching our full potential. Reaching our full potential can, however, be an elusive term and goal because there really aren't any absolutes. There aren't any magic spells or guide books to lead each of us to that holy grail. The fact is, though, our potential is far greater than most of us are willing to believe. Fortunately, there is a way to measure your state of being and whether you are moving in a positive direction. If you continue to learn and grow and make quality decisions that make you happy, I believe you are moving toward full potential.

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Our Stories

Many of the thought leaders today talk about the story(s) we tell ourselves to get along, to survive, to feel better. As a writer, this resonates because I have always told stories and written scripts. I would like to invite you today to consider looking at the idea of what stories you tell yourself and why/what role these stories occupy in your life. Do they complement or contaminate your life – given the path you are on spiritually, is it possible that these stories are no longer necessary?

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Testing, Testing, One-Two…Testing

When we are at school, we are subjected to all sorts of tests; on the spot math tests, spelling tests, end of year exams, high school certificates and the list goes on. In the early days the tests are quick, painless and mostly fun. Then they become more serious, there is study to be undertaken and there is the need to find the ability to cope with the testing process. It can be a nerve-wracking experience. What it does do is ‘test’ students (pardon the pun), it makes them think, it gives a clearer understanding of their abilities, their short-falls, where they can learn more and what they excel at; in the testing platform. What happens when we leave school though?

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