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"What you seldom do , if done often, would change your life." This statement came to me this morning after a visualization session. Simple. Yes. And that is precisely why I am so thankful for it. It is also why I wanted to share it with you. So often we make things WAY too complicated by making lists, getting more education, making resolutions -trying to literally reinvent the wheel. I'm exhausted just thinking about how many things we can cram into our day in order to make life better. Well, I'm relieved by the simple fact change is as simple as that silly quote up there.

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Let It Rain

Have you ever purposely stood outside in a summer downpour, let the warm rain trickle down your face and cleanse your soul? It feels good, doesn’t it? Your inner-child may come to the forefront. With a childlike heart, you become a part of something that’s out of your control and it’s OK…profound simplicity.

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