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The Power300

“What you seldom do, if done often, would change your life.”

This statement came to me this morning after a visualization session.  Simple. Yes.  And that is precisely why I am so thankful for it.  It is also why I wanted to share it with you.  So often we make things WAY too complicated by making lists, getting more education, making resolutions -trying to literally reinvent the wheel.  I’m exhausted just thinking about how many things we can cram into our day in order to make life better.  Well, I’m relieved by the simple fact change is as simple as that silly quote up there.

How does a champion become a champion?  Or, how does a student become a scholar?  How does a follower become a master?  It’s not hard to deduct that this group of people I’m talking about obtained their titles or fulfillment by living each moment in constant pursuit of their goals…they are doers, actively participating in the dream at hand.  They practiced.  And practiced some more, maybe even one simple thing.  They decided. They decided to do what others seldom do.  Of course, this takes dedication and determination.  There are always obstacles to every dream…whether we know it or not, we’ve actually put them there.  And, just as we’ve placed them there, we can remove them….with a decision.  We can choose to do something different that destroys the boundaries we put on ourselves and our potential.

I don’t want you to take my word for this theory.  I want you to put it into practice in your life.  Try it for one week and see how it changes you or some situation you’ve longed to alter.  Come back here and let us know what new situation you created for yourself.  And if you haven’t already, grab your FREE TRANSFORMATIONAL REPORT by joining the Women’s LifeLink Community up in the right sidebar!  It’s packed full of information and tips forLiving Your Purpose!





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Kellie is a women's life purpose visionary, inner journey strategist and Intuitive Energy Healer who received her certification through Karen Coffey an The Hope of Humanity Foundation. As a writer, her articles have been published on, All Things Chic, Time Finders Magazine, Successful Life and Living, and many other blogs and e-zines. She is also the international best selling co-author of Success In Beauty: Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness, as well as the author of Are You Out of Your Freakin’ Mind?…break mental barriers and live from your sacred creative space.

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