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3 Essential Habits To Boost Long-Term Health

It seems that aging must have an effect on the way we move, live, and feel. However, does it really have to have such a …

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4 Tips To Achieve Work And Personal Life Balance For The Busy Woman

You’re a parent, spouse, friend, daughter, employee or even a business owner. Can you really wear all those hats successfully without succumbing to stress and neglect of important people and matters? There are some amazing women out there who somehow manage to do just that. I would be lying if I said that I was that woman all the time. Yes, I've failed at work and personal life balance and failed miserably. I also learned that hating myself for those times doesn't help. What does help is good old-fashioned knowing the problem, seeking options, and action to change it.

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5 Bedtime Mistakes That Hurt Your Health

Routines can bring comfort and stability to our lives. That said, our habits aren’t always good for us. In fact, there are several things that many people do before hitting the sheets that are actually detrimental to their health. Take a look at my top 5 that can be sneaky but oh so damaging.

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