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4 Tips To Achieve Work And Personal Life Balance For The Busy Woman

This post was a collaboration and may contain affiliate links. You’re a parent, spouse, friend, daughter, employee or even a business owner. Can you really wear all those hats successfully without succumbing to stress and neglect of important people and matters? There are some amazing women out there who somehow manage to do just that. I would be lying if I said that I was that woman all the time. Yes, I’ve failed at work and personal life balance and failed miserably. I also learned that hating myself for those times doesn’t help. What does help is good old-fashioned knowing the problem, seeking options, and action to change it.

Work And Personal Life Balance For The Busy Woman Tip #1: Setting Routines

Achieving a work and personal life balance is necessary for your sanity and health…really. With your day possibly starting with needy kids and business problems hovering, confusion and stress can mark your day from the get-go.  Where do you draw the line without damaging your business, health or relationships? I have an answer for that…thankfully. Get organized and set yourself routines to improve speed and efficiency both at home and at work.

Work And Personal Life Balance For The Busy Woman Tip #2: Get Help at Home

Surround yourself with people you trust to help with tasks you don’t have to do yourself. This includes housekeeping, lawn care, errands, and household administrative tasks. If money is tight, hire your kids or a neighbor to help out. And, don’t forget to ask your significant other to pick up some slack if things get too busy at work.

Work And Personal Life Balance For The Busy Woman Tip #3: Go Virtual

If you find that being near your family is more crucial at times, consider using technology that allows you to work from home. Services like virtual office solutions provide the help you need when you don’t want to commute long distances every day. You can make sure your calls are answered professionally and pick up the ones that need your immediate attention. Most importantly, you can make sure customers are cared for while you take care of your family.

Work And Personal Life Balance For The Busy Woman Tip #4: Stick to a Schedule

One of the most effective things you can do to balance the various areas of your life is stick to a schedule. Signify time for both your personal and your work responsibilities. I’m not saying that this has to be set in stone, but you want to stick to it as closely as you can. Let your family and friends know that during certain times, you cannot be bothered unless it’s an emergency. I’ve had to do this to get large projects done on time. On the other hand, switch off, unplug, and give the most important people in your life your full attention while you are there. This kind of clarity in your life has benefits for your stress levels.

It can be hugely beneficial to use all of these things to balance your life. I want you to also consider yourself in the mix. Take a part of each day a serve yourself and your needs. Make it a priority to take some time out from your obligations at home and work. You deserve to have a break from all that responsibility. Small breaks or longer ones ultimately serve your core health and wellbeing. This, in turn, makes you even more of a powerhouse for everything else in your life.

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