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3 Major Ways To Navigate And Overcome Problems

The truth is, we all have problems and limitations. Some are movable and some aren’t. Our lives are like the ocean’s waves, there is an …

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Intention Deficit

A perfect introduction to my topic today is my introduction – I was listening to Dr. Oz, I think, and one of his guests made a comment, I think, which definitely got my attention and I made a note somewhere to remember it in order to write about it later. What a mouthful yet it illustrates my point perfectly – the idea was a play on words and the idea of ‘attention deficit disorder’ – the guest talked about having today in our world, ‘intention deficit disorders’.

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As we attempt to raise our vibrational frequency, pursue our purpose, and live in Spirit, we so often come up against dualities. We are told to follow our path, release the negative and limiting aspects of our being, be in the space of those who are of equal or higher vibration. So what happens when we are faced with negativity, people not on purpose, conditions and situations that oppose the direction which we are pursuing?

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