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Colliding Into Beauty

How many times have we not paid attention to the beauty right in front of us? We go searching for beauty in magazines and in nature and in our experiences...But what are the simply beautiful things that we should take notice of all around us?

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Be An Artist Of The Soul

Creating the life you desire is in itself a true miracle. Understand, I don't say this lightly. It's not that obtaining real, lasting happiness is as sparsely experienced as we think miracles are these days. On the contrary, it's time to start thinking about what miracles really are and how often we dismiss the possibility of seeing them in our own lives.

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Message From The Future

Another amazing video came to my attention today. The following message is universal and powerful. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, you can glean from the content. I felt so peaceful and full of joy after watching it....something I need right now. As a woman who cares about helping others and sharing quality resources to my readers, I had to post it!

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Is There A Void In My Life?

It's a likelihood that most of us have some form of void in our lives, whether it be in our relationships, our spirits, or our physical bodies. These empty places can remain for years without causing any noticable problems or they can immediately prod until action is taken to fill them.

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A Surge of Feminine Energy

I don't know if you've noticed, but women are shifting into higher gears and focusing more on life goals and dreams. This may be a worldwide trend amongst humans in general; however, I feel a distinct feminine energy surrounding this front of powerful changes.

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Spiritual Enlightenment: A Woman’s Emotional “Neti Pot”

It dawned on me today that when we are not spiritually and emotionally sound, we can't be our best - the women that we are meant to be. You know, like when your allergies are acting up; you don't put your best foot forward because you're too busy blowing your nose and trying to breathe - nothing feels right. This is the equivalent of being emotionally stuck in second gear; you can't seem to get where you want to go at the speed you need to get there.

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