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Is There A Void In My Life?


Void: Containing nothing; empty; vacant; not occupied; not filled. 

It’s a likelihood that most of us have some form of void in our lives, whether it be in a relationship, our spirit, or our physical body.  These empty places can remain for years without causing any noticeable  problems or they can immediately prod until action is taken to fill them.

One way to look at it is to imagine you just moved into an old house.  It’s beautiful and just want you’ve been dreaming of your whole life.  You enjoy your first months there through the summer and fall.  Most of the time you are able to open the windows, feeling the incredible breeze that passes through from the front to the back.  Mature trees keep the home cool and elevate the need to use the cooling system.  It’s bliss.

Forward to the winter months.  You are not so comfortable anymore.  Suddenly, the windows are insufficient, drafty, and leave you wishing you’d reconsidered your purchase.  The constant cold is distracting and expensive.  The gaps in the windows, the same ones that were there in the summer, now have your attention.  Something must be done.

Our lives can easily go from one extreme to the other as in my little example.  It’s usually circumstance that dictates whether we act on a void or not.  I believe most everyone has had some tragic event happen that makes us realize that we have ignored our spirits.  All of a sudden we cry out to God, not caring that we haven’t spoken to him in months or even years.  This is a spiritual void.

“Between the finite and the infinite The missing link of Love has left a void. Supply the link, and earth with Heaven will join In one continued chain of endless life.” ˜Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

Or what about the six month void of exercise you feel all too well after you go on a five mile hike with your son’s scout troop?  Ouch.  Thankfully our bodies are extremely adaptable and find ways to keep going even when we ignore them.  This is a physical void.

Is your primary relationship everything you want it to be?  Mine isn’t.  Can we do something about it?  Of course.  We can fill it with the things that are missing.  It’s like using spackling to fill holes in the wall.  You first apply it, then you wait; it dries.  You’re not finished yet.  A little elbow grease and sand paper here will smooth it out and make it ready to seal with a new coat of paint.  That hole in your marriage (or wall) has to bother you enough to fill it though.  This would be classified as an emotional void.

The good thing about voids is they can always be filled; they can change almost instantaneously.  Recognizing them is by far the most difficult part.  Here’s a few questions to help you determine if you have any “drafty windows” in your life. 😀

♦  Do you often feel lonely even when you are with people?

♦  Are you inconsistent with your spiritual practices; such as, prayer, meditation, seeking like-minded people for fellowship?

♦  Does your primary relationship leave you feeling bored and frustrated?

♦  Does your physical health waver from good to bad often?

♦  Are you moody and can go from one extreme emotion to another within a short period of time?

♦  Are you always searching for the next best thing in most areas of your life?

Don’t worry if your answers seem to reflect some emptiness; it’s just the revelation you need to do something about it.  I’ve had to do this exercise many times and plan to do it many more.  Filling voids is another way of creating balance in our lives, life-giving balance.  In other words, it’s not to be taken lightly.

We need to look closely at ourselves, our relationships, and our physical existence to determine what our needs are and how to meet them.  This is your responsibility.  No one is going to do this for you.  Being satisfied and complete is a part of fulfilling your purpose and caring for the life you’ve been given.  Time to get out the putty and fill those voids…don’t you think?

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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Photo by Marinshe (Check out the photographer’s insights about emotional emptiness.)

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