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5 Life Lessons From Dr. Seuss Books

March marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of Theodore Seuss Geisel. He was most famously known for his work in children’s literature, both writing and illustrating. We all remember many of these stories from our childhoods. From The Cat in the Hat to Marvin K Mooney, Dr. Seuss created characters that we have loved for over 6 decades.

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Is Social Media Hurting Me?

I recently deactivated my Facebook® account for a couple months and, after the initial shock of not having a news feed to scroll through passed, I realized I was experiencing some crazy emotions. I was sad, missing all my daily interactions. I was lonely, lonelier than I had ever been in the past. My phone was extra quiet and the ones I reached out to, gave me a hard time about deactivating. I was frustrated!

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5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Life…And Proof They Work!

November proved to be a big month for me, and with New Year’s around the corner, this year is going out with my own personal fireworks! Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

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Learning To Love Within The Mind Of A Borderline

"Resilient," he said… "A warrior," he called me… if I could only see that truth… Living with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) can be painful when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Love means everything yet nothing at all. We seem to love hard and fast yet live in constant fear of being abandoned. The heartache is caused by an ongoing yearning to find true happiness, though we may not even know what that is.

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Becoming Addiction Free

Who is an Addict? Most people define an addict as someone who is an alcoholic or drug user. The truth is, anything that eases pain can become an object of addiction. People become addicted to the absence of feeling emotion. They want pain on the outside instead of the inside, and they want to become someone they are not. It's not always easy to recognize an addict, however. They can have good jobs, good friends and look no different on the outside than anyone else.

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