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The Wounded Child Within

How many of us have gazed into the mirror only to see ourselves at an earlier age, an age in which circumstances have left us in a drama of life that we were forever trying to forget; one that we thought we had buried, and yet time has brought forth the resurfacing of misdirected and scattered emotions – often those that have wounded and left us in a state of despair? Why is it we would choose to carry the burden of unpleasant memories rather than allowing them to be released with love and forgiveness, or at least understanding?

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Have you ever sat in a room with people you resented? Did you put on a pretentious smile, attempt to flatter them in some way, and yet, seethe inside about the uncomfortable meeting? At some point, most of us experience this horrible situation. And it's not easy to communicate with positive results when an offense comes between two or more people. In this post, I will talk about some different ways to get past resentment in couple and group situations.

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