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Days Of Self Value

We, as women, are the holders of the space for most of the loving-ness in our lives – we teach it, give it, share it - yet we so often forget to give to ourselves. Our focus is so often others-oriented that we get behind and lost in the self-care and nurturing department. We then wonder and worry why no one stops to think about what we might require and find ourselves wishing that our loved ones would just take the time to stop and focus on us.

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The Blame Game

Did you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? And, do you always blame either God or the devil for those misfortunes? How about considering the alternative? Maybe we create our own drama and unserving dilemmas. I mean, come on, to blame the devil for breaking my toe, when I was foolishly walking through a dark room in the middle of the night to sneak some chocolate cake. Really?

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Women’s Day Is Every Day

I am woman, hear me roar!!!! Or at least meow... Happy International Women's Day, everyone! It's nice to have a whole day dedicated to honoring women; however, I like to honor us/them on a daily basis. Bloggers who dedicate their entire sites to women are the ones who are making a difference for millions of women all over the world.

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