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The Blame Game

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Did you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people?  To YOU? And, do you tend to blame either others, God or the devil for those misfortunes?  How about considering the alternative?  Maybe we create our own drama and unserving dilemmas.  I mean, come on, to blame the devil for breaking my toe, when I was foolishly walking through a dark room in the middle of the night to sneak some chocolate cake.  Really?  Think about it. That’s just a silly example but one that gets the point across.  We choose. We act.  We either succeed or we miss it.  Break our toe or reach our destiny without harm.  This happens every minute of our lives.  I guess that our initial thoughts and choices are the catalysts for either our blessings or our curses.  I can face this, can you?

How many opportunities do we have to make peace, to be productive, to make someone else happy, to create life instead of death?  And, how many opportunities do we squander by blaming someone or something else for our failures.  It’s time to take full responsibility for our lives, ladies.  Is this what they call a “tough love” post?  Not trying to be heavy or too serious here, but we really need to pay attention to our patterns of self-destruction (me too).

Here’s a few tips for staying out of the drowning pool of blaming others:

  • Step back and observe your behavior.  Try to be on the outside looking in not the drama queen in the middle of it.
  • Realize that you create your future by what you speak, think, and do.
  • Try to see the good in yourself and others first before acknowledging the negative.
  • You are who and what you are by special design.  You have a distinctive purpose to fulfill.  There will be many “bumps in the road” along the way to your dreams and goals.  This is a part of life…period.
  •  If you catch yourself  enlisting others to be on “your side” of a conflict, this might be a clue that you’re dodging personal responsibility.
  • When you feel overwhelmed and cheated somehow, do something that makes you feel good about yourself, like a creative hobby, sport, or talking to a trusted friend or mentor.
  • Seek God or your higher power for spiritual breakthroughs by asking what you can do to change the situation.  And if there is nothing to be done, move forward with acceptance and a positive attitude.  Asking “why” isn’t always productive and can cause more self-doubt and even a spiritual breach.
  • It’s OK to get support, but be careful not to only seek approval for your opinions and actions.
  • Keep in mind “not everything is of the devil, mama,” as Adam Sandler’s character said so eloquently in the movie, Waterboy.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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