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The Link Between Sex and Creativity

Feature Photo “Sensual Steel” by Gemporia; Graphic drawings by Skirtzz


Introducing:  The Sex-Link Series

This is part one of a continuing series on the links between our sensuality and other, less obvious, aspects of our inner beings.  Before we dive in to discovering how creativity is linked to our sex life, lets look  at why we need to strengthen our links and become connected with each other.

Women’s LifeLink (WLL) evolved from the concept of an interconnected chain being stronger than a single link, but when I look at WLL, I don’t see just a chain.  I see an interwoven network of links strong enough to withstand any challenge, carrying us all to our dreams and true purpose: Chainmail for the soul.  The dictionary calls chainmail armor, protection made of metal, but for WLL it’s a lot more than that.

These small metal links do limited good alone, but when linked to each other and other people, can change our lives in astonishing ways; gifting us with a strength we might never have alone.  The links (content) on Women’s LifeLink, and within this series, are made up of not only the individuals who write for and participate in WLL, but of the activities we engage in to bring ourselves to greater truth, self-love, and divine purpose.

Sex and Creativity

Recently, I moved.  This move involved foreclosure on a home I loved and had lived in for the past 14 years.  The loss of the house was part of the fall-out of my divorce.  I saw it coming long ago, so it wasn’t a surprise.  I had plenty of time to come to terms with the need to move away from rooms I had spent three years faux-finishing and the garden I had grown from barren clay soil.  During the move, my sex drive diminished. I was exhausted, and when I sat down to write, I couldn’t focus.  For the first time in 5 years, I experienced writer’s block.

Because moving boxes and furniture alone takes its toll on the body, I assumed I was just tired and would be writing again as soon as I was in the new place.  A week passed, two weeks, and I still wasn’t writing.  My libido also stayed low, despite the fact I was getting plenty of sleep.  I had no desire to write, even though I had a self-imposed deadline for a book project and my articles here on WLL.  My body had recovered, but the true inner me was still at my old house, sifting through memories.

chakrasOne night, while fidgeting through a TV show (or at least my version of TV–Roku), I began idly playing with a necklace, testing my energy portals or chakras.  When I dangled the necklace over the one that corresponds to creativity, the stone stood almost completely still, which indicated the energy in this area was congested or even closed.  I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been.  All the signs of a troubled chakra were there for me to see.   

Instinctively, I knew I needed to do something creative, so I began planning some painting projects.  Nothing ground breaking.  Just a few simple art projects meant to jump-start my creativity.  I worked on car window graphics to market my books, planned the painting of a kitchen table, bought paint for several other projects, sanded down a dresser, and talked with my youngest about painting some fairies as a group activity.  As expected, this set my imagination free in other areas, and I’m now back to writing, creating, dreaming. 

What I didn’t expect was the jump start this also gave my libido.  Again, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  The same chakra that governs creativity also controls sexual energy.  I feel better.  My libido is stronger, and life is looking pretty sweet again!

Taking the Creativity Plunge

Which brings me to you.  Whether you consider yourself the artsy type or not, you can use creativity to jump-start your libido.  Creativity isn’t limited to one form of art.  And I’m not even sure you have to actually make the art yourself in order to tap into the creativity chakra point.

Think about painting, music, sculptures, sounds, even the beauty of nature.  All things that set your spirit free.  Let your mind go and see if you don’t suddenly tune into some form of art that feels deliciously sensuous.  The feel of dirt as you pot up a plant not only grounds your energy but taps into the creative force of the universe.  Just the planning of where you will put that plant, so it shows to its potential, strikes a chord in that creative part of the brain.

Don’t want to garden?  A pencil and notepaper may be all you need, draw whatever inspires you.  Take a step up and indulge in colored pencils and a sketch pad.  The color alone will set the creative part of your brain sparking and a empty piece of paper will help to clear the mind. 

Buy some paints and focus on the act of painting rather than the perfection of the painting.  Ease into that field with inexpensive craft paints, then graduate to acrylics or oils if you decide you enjoy it.  Purchase Fimo and make some fantastical little critters to decorate your living space with or some tiny squares engraved with symbols that are meaningful to you.  Grab a pair of pliers and some wire or leather and create a piece of jewelry from old broken pieces you already own or hit the local craft store for new jewelry findings.  As cliche as it may sound, the ways to enhance your creativity, and hence your sex drive, are only limited by your imagination.

Creativity Challenge

chainmail_bracelet_and_charms_by_alishadrawz-d4w68j6, Sex and CreativityCreate a chainmail bracelet to symbolize your dedication to linking arms with your beautiful divine sisters and Womens LifeLink.

  • Follow this link for simple instructions. Diamond Method
  • Required tools: Pliers and wire.
  • Difficulty rating: Easy
  • Or design your bracelet and let AlishaCraftsCutsies, or another artisan, do the work.

Tip: Remember that planning is part of the creative process. Allow yourself time to think through your activities, but also give yourself permission to jump into an art project you may never finish…just for the fun of it.

Other methods of opening up the creativity/sensuality chakra include paying for chakra balancing or learning to clear your own chakras using color, light, pendulums, etc.. The fees for a chakra balancing can be as low as $20 and as high as $300, depending on your needs, their level of expertise, and other factors.  There are many books available about chakra clearing and balancing.  It’s really not difficult, requiring more effort to dispel disbelief than anything else.

Points to Remember:

  • Sensuality and creativity are linked at the basic core level of our energy field.  Take advantage of that and explore your creative side.
  • Create something to jump-start your sex life.
  • Writing, artistic endeavors, gardening, and playing music are easy outlets for creative energy.
  • Find something that stirs passion within, and do it.

Become a link in our chainmail. Share your ideas for igniting your creative spark.  What do you do to release creative energy?

About Elisabeth Tilton

With a long history in the artistic fields, fantasy fiction author, E.S. Tilton’s journey towards sexual freedom has been bumpy. Molested as a child and raped as an adult, this former minister has finally reached a point where she can enjoy sex with a fun loving, healthy attitude and is positive that you can get there too.

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  1. This was very good. I am glad I read it. I have been having issues with my creativity lately and I believe this will help me. I bought some orange paint for my office wall and an orange curtain, beautiful BUT for weeks now it still sits bare and white. like my empty pages that don’t get written on for my second book. The only thing I have begun being more creative on is writing for this online mag. and boy have I missed having something to write. Starting to write for WLL has helped my creative flow on the encouraging others but I realize now, I have needed to also BE encouraged. thank you for taking time to write this!

  2. Such a great article and very poignant. I myself have let my creative pursuits fall away as I make room for studying, helping out with my kids at school and working on my writing. But as you have already experienced it left me feeling stale and out of place in my life, with little to say or write about. I have recently commenced a new creative pursuit and the joy is creeping back in. Makes me wonder why I thought I could exist without it :).
    Thanks for reiterating everything, reminding us what we need to be focusing on and to remember what this wonderful network of Women’s Life Link can do for us, collectively and independently.

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