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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: A Whole Herd Of Epiphanies!

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Hello there. So, every week, I bare it all (well, maybe not all!) and let you in on my personal and professional aha of the week. That one thing that seems to be really up, not only for me, but also for my world and all the wonderful people in it.

10357181_10152539597381291_8594145308049053592_n Sending you a big hello from big sky country! I’m currently ensconced in the living quarters of a horse trailer (check out my photos), on a small ranch just west of Cache Creek, BC sitting fairly squarely in the middle of one hundred thousand acres of grazing land. That is a whole lot of space!

I’m here, you guessed it, riding for the week and am Diva-less which is very odd to say the least. My trusty companion at these sorts of events for the past decade, circumstances combined to make it too difficult to bring her along, creating the perfect learning ground (of course) for yours truly.

You see, like many of us, and as much as I hate to admit it, I love the familiar. It feels incredibly comfortable to ride Diva. I know her inside and out like the dear friend that she is, and it is rare for anything she does to unnerve me at this point. Besides the fact that she has always been inherently slow and quite lazy, preferring to amble or stop than run, a wonderful little safety blanket. It’s like we’re in a lovely comfortable marriage where not too much happens. It’s quite lovely really. So, you might be wondering, Alexa who are you riding while you’re there?

Well, let’s just say I am getting pushed miles outside my comfort zone!

My dear friend Stefanie, who I have mentioned here once or twice, has graciously allowed me to ride her mare Espada, an Andalusion/Lusitano who’s name translates quite succinctly to sword. She is, without a doubt, a warrior, black, bold and athletic. This gal can spin on a dime, gallop sideways and read my energy like a book. And man does she make me nervous!10565167_10152548321001291_3489855926936017647_n

When we rode out two day ago (we being three top horse trainers and me), I started to become aware of little nigglings inside me, unhelpful voices talking to me about not being good enough and being out-horsed. My temper rose and then, through some deep breathing and releasing, fell. We came out ahead, a little relaxed and a little softening, not too bad.

Then the true test came. Yesterday as we entered the arena with none of Espada’s herd mates, the rain pelting on the roof of the arena hard and thunder pounding in the distance, I was having a hard time getting relaxed and centred. Not surprisingly, so was Espada, spending the first ten minutes of the lesson performing various incredible athletic feats beneath me that I definitely wasn’t asking for. I was tense and she was eating it up. Was feeling some gratitude for my “velcro” seat! My trainer asked me to let him try and I swallowed my pride as he found the connection and softness I was seeking.

I have to say, it took a lot for me to get back on. I was feeling frustrated and defeated and a little embarrassed but I knew that there was a huge opportunity for me somewhere in there! As I stood back up to get on he said to me “You can do this. You just have to believe in yourself.” As I swung into the saddle I let go of the doubt, found my centre, softened my body and rode. And there Espada was, just waiting. I realized she had been looking for me the whole time, waiting for me to show up for her to connect to, to find safety in, while I was waiting impatiently for her to show up for me and make me feel safe. Huh. That’s pretty interesting.

I bet you’re thinking “Alexa, what happened today?”. Well…it was awesome! Something clicked and we had softness and feel right off the bat. My trainer said a few things that hit me like a ton of bricks. First, he said, you have to bring your horse right into your centre. Then, you have to feel worthy of your horse being there. Wow. Cool! When you ride that way, you get to do way less and get way more, just like life. Final epiphany was completely relaxing my back. After years of hunter/jumper training I’ve learned to ride like a iron rod it seems! Not so relaxing for the horse understandably. Relaxed and flexible feels so much better, again, just like life.

So there you go- A whole herd of epiphanies! What are your big aha’s this week and what kinds of opportunities are showing up for you to really get them? Happy trails until next time!

To your utter fabulousness,


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About Alexa Linton

A modern day cowgirl with a mission, Alexa Linton is known for lighting up her world and her clients with her infectious personality, bold coaching style and her secret sauce, the BodyTalk System. When these forces combine, perceptions transform forever, and health and lives change irrevocably in the most fabulous ways. With over ten years of experience working with horses as an Equine Sport Therapist as well as thousands of animals and people, Alexa has developed a healing style that is as intuitive as it is inspiring. Her first and foremost priority is results and she has been a catalyst for positive and lasting change for thousands as a practitioner, teacher and author. A fire-starter by nature, there is nothing Alexa loves more than seeing people light up from within and their lives change “magically and miraculously” as a result. Well, that and animals. Alexa’s animals are a big part of her healing team, providing insight, giggles, massages and the effect of the perfect furry hot-water bottle. Except for her mare Diva of course, who is much too large to be a hot water bottle, and prefers to rocket people into powerful transformation with her own style of Equine Facilitated Light up. It is Alexa’s big mission to help people find the fire in their relationships, career and bodies and truly live a life they love.

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  1. Hi Alexa,

    I grew up on an Arabian horse farm and oh how I know horses sense tension a mile away! For sure, there were some horses I was more comfortable with than others. And it showed in the relationships I had with each of them.

    No great a-ha moments for me…just a deep relaxing into summer and going with the flow…creating ease where effort used to be.

    much love,

  2. Horses , the most perfect creature on earth. They seem to understand so much and your story is inspiring. You did learn something that will last you a life time… being worthy! This week has given me the gift of letting go and allowing honesty into my life.

  3. Love this…as I grew up riding horses in British Columbia with a cowboy for a dad. Lessons galore and boy do those horses read you like a book. They know your every mood and reflect it right back to you. Cheers to you and your epiphanies Alexa!

  4. “Relaxed and flexible feels so much better, again, just like life.” ~ That says it all very nicely. 🙂

    My big epiphany for this week was to speak my truth, and to honour my choices. I love when the Universe sends us signs and opportunities for awareness and learning.

  5. Loving your life lessons from simple interaction with nature and these beautiful horses. You’re living one of my dream lives. I’ve had some epiphanies this week (from nature) that have showed me to just let things be sometimes because if we get too involved or controlling, all hell breaks loose. Nice job with this one, Alexa!

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