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4 Ways To Reduce School Stress For You Or Your Kids

Whether you have ventured back to college to continue your education or you have a house full of kids in different grades, there is stress involved. This is primarily because education is important and we want what’s best for ourselves and our children. There are, however, some things that help reduce stressful situations and attitudes where school is concerned.

If you are dealing with teenagers, especially, keep your cool and look for real solutions to make things run more smoothly. Furthermore, it could be you or your spouse who is buried deep in textbooks and finals. Either way, I recommend the following ways to reduce school stress for you or your kids.

Reduce School Stress For You Or Your Kids #1: Be Organized

Being organized is one thing that can reduce stress in any situation, including educational pursuits. From elementary school to college, knowing your goal, where you are with it, and how you will reach it will help to produce positive results. Keep in mind, your organizational style may not be the same as your kids’. You can be super organized but have unstructured children who don’t understand your methods. I recommend having a conversation to discover what helps them to feel on top of things. Don’t criticize them if it’s not your way.

Much of time, organizing is stunted by fear of failure. If you or your child has some learning issues, consider getting some help, such as tutoring and test prep. Places like  C2 Education offer a multitude of services for all ages and levels. Confidence in learning will ultimately help the student to feel organized and able to complete what is asked of him/her.

Reduce School Stress For You Or Your Kids #2: Eat Well

When you eat a healthy diet that has the nutrition your body needs, you naturally feel energized. Our cognitive ability stays sharp and we struggle less with problem-solving. Fast foods and boxed meals high in saturated fats, sugars, and salt tax the body and create hindrances like brain fog, irritability, and fatigue. All of which can cause unneeded stress.

I understand the quick meal out every now and then but don’t make it a habit. Teach your kids early how to balance nutrition, so when they are on their own, they make better choices. This is especially important for college kids. Things can go south quickly when young people are away from home.

Reduce School Stress For You Or Your Kids #3: Sleep Well

Sleep is important for everyone at any age. However, school-age kids from Kindergarten up need quality sleep every night in order to deal with the demands of school activities. Also, consider that social situations require us to be rested and have a balanced mood. If kids don’t sleep, these everyday things may seem unbearable or even harmful. I know you understand, even if you are not presently in school yourself. Consider how you feel when you face the day with little or no sleep. It sucks. Just as you teach your family how to eat well, do the same with sleep habits. Teens may fight this one tooth and nail, so be aware of what’s going on with them.

Reduce School Stress For You Or Your Kids #4: Don’t Overdo It

When any student is rushing to get to classes, trying to feed themselves and get their assignments done, stress sneaks in. Remember, the harder the school work is, the more stress will creep up on you and your children. Take some time to relax and unwind by yourself. You can take a break between lectures or seminars in the school or college cafeteria or coffee shop. Even better, step outside for a bit to get some fresh air. Some campuses have metal canopies for schools or outdoor courts for students to rest and socialize.

Also, teach your kids to take breaks when things get tough at school. I know you want them to get that homework done, but, sometimes, slowing down to rest and reflect can revitalize their energy and motivation to do their best.


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