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4 Ways To Be More Creative In Business

be more creative in business

You have always had a creative mind that needs put to use on a regular basis. The problem comes when you don’t have time to …

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5 Effective Ways To Find Your Creative Groove

find your creative groove

We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, and out of balance. These moments can be difficult for those who rely heavily on creativity …

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3 Tips To Make More Time For Hobbies

make more time for hobbies

Making more time for hobbies is important to bring balance to our lives. They give us an opportunity to create and be inspired by doing …

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5 Benefits Of Having A Hobby

Having a hobby can be one of the most enjoyable things for the young and old. The process of doing something sheerly for pleasure lifts …

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4 Steps To Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

If you have ever dreamed of turning your hobby into a career but have hesitated, know there are steps to take that will help you …

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3 Artistic Careers That Come With A Reliable Paycheck

Artists often engage in a tug-of-war between earning a stable paycheck and fulfilling their artistic expression. It’s not uncommon for illustrators, writers, actors and other …

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4 Exciting Career Options For The Free-Spirited Woman

If you are feeling a little stifled and bored at your job, there are plenty of alternatives to infuse your life with a little excitement. Women with creative personalities tend to need a little sparkle in their day to truly feel fulfilled. The typical office life can actually hinder creativity, health, and well-being for these individuals. I believe these 4 exciting career options for the free-spirited woman might be just the remedy!

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3 Tips To Turn Your Hobby Into Cash

Most women, whether young or old, have at least one hobby. That little activity that allows her to escape from the stresses of life. It also puts her back in touch with her creative side. I've had so many hobbies over the years, it's hard to remember them all. And, yes, I have made money with some of them. For me, it was simply fun to create things that people actually wanted to buy. For others, it's all about living the dream of supporting themselves by doing something that doesn't feel like work. Either way, here are my top 3 tips to turn your hobby into cash.

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3 Fantastic Careers For Someone With Creative Talent

If you are looking for a job, where you can design your own kick ass path, you probably have a creative personality type. Creative types find that creating comes easily, and they usually can't see living life without shaping and molding the world in some way.You might be wondering what type of career would fit your superpowers as a creative and satisfy your innovative vibe. You need a job that allows you to stretch those creative muscles and design something completely original. And, when you find that fitting job or career, there is no holding you back! Do you want to be the next woman to leave your creative mark on society? Here are some career choices to consider.

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The Mirror Project

Well, I wrote this wanting to inspire but, at the same time, I was not feeling very inspired because I had been looking at the news. Another teen killed by someone who did not wish to accept the fact that he was different than him. Another parent asking if they should step down from ministry because their daughter just came out of the closet. Another person judging me. Another person judging you. I JUDGE ME. I don't need others doing it. So this became a look in the mirror moment. We all have things we do not like about ourselves. What do you do about it? Do you go out and judge the next person? Or fix what you do not like about yourself?

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5 Life Lessons From Dr. Seuss Books

March marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of Theodore Seuss Geisel. He was most famously known for his work in children’s literature, both writing and illustrating. We all remember many of these stories from our childhoods. From The Cat in the Hat to Marvin K Mooney, Dr. Seuss created characters that we have loved for over 6 decades.

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Open Your Mind To A New YOU!

I have been enjoying the concentration of self-development on the site this month. On this 26th day of our new you in 31 days challenge, I'd like to personally invite you to open your minds today. To what? Well, that 's up to you. But I have a feeling that you know exactly what new ideas and concepts have been hanging around lately. The may be things that go against everything you've been taught or believe at present. That's OK. The point is to open up to things that are out of your comfort zone and not the usual.

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A Woman’s Courage – Inside Depression

Welcome to Women's Life Link and our New You in 31 Days Challenge. We have a new contributor! Christina Taylor is another dear one from down under. She has a special story to share with us about her challenges and victories within her experience with Depression. She will be sharing some of her poetry that is featured in her book, A Woman's Courage. You can check out her bio and more about her book on the Contributor Page! Please welcome her with some comment love. I'm sure she would love to hear if any of you have experienced depression and, if so, how you handle challenges, what has worked for you, and what hasn't. Be YOU!

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Live Life Victoriously

How do you view your everyday life? Is it a battle you fight daily, or is it an adventure? It's all in the way you look at things! Instead of focusing on setbacks and the next frustration, plan for the next adventure.

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Introducing The Amazing Karen Tyrrell

When most people think of bullying, the first thing that usually comes to mind is bullying in the school – as in students picking on other students. But, sadly, bullying happens everywhere, and no-one is immune. thor Karen Tyrrell is the perfect example of this. Her first book Me & Her: a Memoir of Madness is based on her own experience as a teacher who suffered at the hands of some parents in her school at the time. Born in Sydney of poorly educated parents, Karen decided at the age of eight that she wanted to be a teacher, and she achieved this prior to becoming an author. She mentions that writing and speaking about mental health for both adults and kids became her driving force.

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