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Family And Friends

Navigating A Divorce With Confidence

navigating a divorce

It’s no secret that a woman might hesitate before she asks for a divorce, even if she’s not happy. The idea of life beyond a …

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4 Helpful Ways To Navigate Living With Elderly Relatives

living with elderly relatives

Families can find it rewarding and challenging to provide care or a home for elderly relatives. Though many families prefer to live with their senior …

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5 Ways To Support Children During An Emergency

supporting children during an emergency

When it comes to our children, we want to do everything in our power to keep them safe and protect them from physical and emotional …

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4 Ways Women Can Help Other Women

To my joy, the discussion about how women can help other women has become more prevalent over the past several years. Of course, it has …

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3 Major Ways To Expand Your Social Circle

Making friends and putting yourself out there as an adult is no longer as easy as ‘hello, do you want to be my friend?’. The …

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4 Major Benefits Of Yoga For Your Teen

Yoga is not just a beneficial activity for adults. Teaching your teens yoga can positively affect them in many areas of their lives. Think about …

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4 Ways To Create A Balanced And Happy Home For Kids

Providing a happy home life for your children is likely a priority and something you will work hard to accomplish. Whether you’ve just become a …

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6 Considerations For Planning Your Parent’s Retirement

Planning your parent’s retirement can be a tricky task. There is a delicate balance between giving them enough freedom and the need to take care …

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3 Major Ways To Help Children Navigate Career Planning

For a young adult, the prospect of choosing a life career can be daunting and confusing. Despite the challenges associated with this decision, it is …

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4 Steps To Stay-At-Home-Mom Happiness

For some, there is not a more rewarding job than staying home with their children full-time.  The comfort and security they feel being on the …

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3 Essential Conversations To Have With Your Aging Parents

In 2019, the US Census Bureau stated that about 54 million US residents are aged 65 years and older. Several studies predict the aging demographic …

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5 Tips To Maintain A Happy And Strong Family During The Pandemic

There’s no denying that taking care of a family is hard work anytime. Your love and care aren’t just expressed for your children and partner …

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Talking To Your Teen About Drugs, Alcohol, And Addiction

From the moment you become a parent, you worry about the well-being and happiness of your child. Things like their sleep, diet, education, and social …

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4 Ways To Help A Discouraged Friend

Human beings are social creatures who need each other to function, fulfill their goals, and grow in every area of life. However, no matter how …

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5 Tips For Navigating Life With An Addict

Addiction doesn’t just affect the dependent individual, family and friends suffer in many ways, as they try to help their loved one. Furthermore, navigating your …

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